Monday, 6 May 2013

Inspiration: Valve

Valve are one of the biggest game studios in the world. Often described as the 'Pixar of games', they have a long history of producing critically acclaimed games, and are beloved by the game community. Valve are also  famous for their work environment and ethic, with all their employees working willingly on projects of their choosing. 

They built their name on the Half-life series, on which their pioneering work led the way in terms of narrative and storytelling in games. They were amongst the first studios to realise that game characters could give a performance that elevated the story and added great depth to the gameplay.

They went on to create much loved recent successes with the likes of the Portal and Left 4 Dead games, not to mention the multi-player shooter Team Fortress 2. All of their games have a versy strong art style and solid design, with a focus on the player as the most important aspect of their game.

Valve is a giant in gaming culture, and along with the massive commercial success of their Steam PC gaming platform, they have kept to their roots, favouring effective game design and narrative over rushed release schedules. The company is renowned as a fantastic work environment, and their ethics transfer well to any team effort.

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