Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week 0 Modelling - Stagecoach

Being an animator I've not done a great deal of modelling, so I decided (seeing as the first week of Advanced Techniques next week is modelling) to get a little practice. I put this together over the past couple of day's in Max 2012.

It's fairly rough around the edges, and most of the components don't really fit together, but it was good practice at modelling so that's not too important. I won't develop it any more now as I'll reserve my time for my actual Uni work.

Week 0 - Proportion Drawing - Part 1

My first week's drawing at uni. It was induction week this week, so we had no set work. I was intending to do 100 over the first two weeks, and continue that through out the year, to keep up the practice. However after a little thought I've decided to put off drawing the second batch of 50 till week 3 (it's technically week 0 at the moment). The reason being that we begin the Advanced Techniques module as of week 1, which involves modelling, texturing, rigging and skinning a hand, over a course of two weeks, so I think I'd be better served by drawing hands over that for that fortnight, then returning to the bodies in week 3.