Monday, 12 November 2012

Majorly Projecting

Okay, so we're back on to Major Project Pre-production. I've been mostly working on thumbnails and rig setup for this, though progress has been slow, as I've not got a great deal done over reading week.

I've got lots of thumbs to do, with a centaur, a humanoid faerie character, a dragon/lizard, a little girl, and a giant crab monster.

Here's a few of the thumbs I've been doing today for an idea of what I'm up to.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Specialist Animation: Part 1 Complete!

This is my marking reel from Specialist Animation part 1. There are elements I like and elements I dislike, but overall I think it went fairly well, considering the three week time-frame. Having not had much experience animating in Maya, I found there were some idiosyncrasies that took some getting used to. Though overall I prefer the package to Max for rigging and animating (my artist colleagues disagreed with my software preference).

MotionBuilder was a tricky one. We had to learn and use the package in under a week, so I wasn't able to really get to grips with the program and learn all its ins and out. I found it quite difficult to work with, but I suspect that was more a fault of my inexperience than any failing on the software's part. That said, with just a little more time, I'm sure I could easily grasp using MotionBuilder a lot better.

Back to Project Development for a while now, till we start Specialist Animation 2 in 2-3 weeks time. I'll try and keep the blog updated with my progress in pre-production.