Friday, 27 April 2012

Week 9: In the Game

Between bits of animation refinement, I've been in a scripting and UDK frenzy this week trying to get it working in the engine. It is all in and running now, and we're starting to get bits like placeholder weapons, but unfortunately there's some aspects that I just haven't been able to make work.

The team script I can't seem to get to work, largely due to my scripting inexperience. This means the Ogres and humans intermix on the teams, rather than forming distinct teams. Whilst this is a shame, I don't want to be too bogged down in scripting, so its something we'll have to leave for now. 

But the game is running, and we've got our characters running around in here fighting and shooting and generally working, which is very satisfying to see.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Easter Update!

Over easter the amount of work I've been able to get done has been somewhat lessened, working from home is a little more difficult to do with consistency. Mainly, I've been working into my animations, and setting up UDK stuff. All the characters are now in, and they're working in game, with PhysAssets and the necessary scripts to run them.

I've still got a considerable bit of script left to do, and seeing how long its taken me, I've decided I definitely need to re-think my marking scheme. I've done three weeks work on rigging, and will have on UDK by the end of the project,  as the complications on each have held me back a lot, time wise (though I can't complain as its taught me a great deal of useful information).

With regards to animation, it is coming along, a little slower than I'd like, and not nearly as high quality as I'd like, but I'm hoping as I animate more continuously I'll get my eye in a little more. There's a lot of little incremental changes and bits so I wont post all the videos, I'll just leave a quick screengrab of what I'm working on at the moment; the taunt animation.