Saturday, 10 March 2012

Week 5: Ogres and Animators

Having now recieved the Ogre model, I made it my top priority to get it rigged fully and skinned, in order to give the animation team, myself included, the maximum time to suggest changes and get to grips with the rig. I managed to get the rig created, and have skinned the character to it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the result, though it seems a bit slow. We've disabled the constraints in an effort to speed it up a bit (they also struggle to calculate the skin when the animation plays through inside max).

Just a matter of animating now, as rigging has taken too long. Hopefully its not left me too behind, as I still have a lot of UDK work to do to get the characters in a working state for the game.

First is the rig I created, including the underlying layer the animation will be baked on to, and the physics bones that will be animated in UDK.

And this is what the animators will see when animating the character. I tried to keep it as simple as possible to make animation easier.

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