Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Holy Belated Blog Post Batman!

So I was supposed to update this yesterday but I didn't really have much to show. Here's a bit more stuff on my current project. I've not got pre-prod stuff scanned in but at least I have the rough turnaround images I can show you.

The gist of the project is that we get given a sound clip (around 10-11 seconds, like the 11 second club), and then we have to animate a short performance piece to it. We get 4 weeks to do it, including pre-production, so hopefully I can put something nice together.

As we're using the LowMax rig (by Peter Starostin I believe), we've also been tasked with a sort of character design excercise. Basically we can make whatever character we want, with the obvious limitation of making it fit with the rig without destroying it. I'll pop up my blocks with the sound clip next week when I've got it done, but for now I'll just show you my turnarounds and rig etc. Also, don't expect the sound clip to have much to do with my rig and set, seeing as I've just put (read: crowbarred) it into a new setting.

Here's the rough turnaround for my guy.
And now here he is in a pose. An awful pose that isn't even in my animation mind you, but a pose nonetheless. Additionally - catapult!

So there's the physical work, sorry I've denied you the amusement of looking at my diabolically bad thumbs and LAVs, but I'll put them up next week in animatic form alongside my block, so you can see how they line up.

On the drawing side of things, I took an "executive decision" to stop trying for 100 drawings a fortnight. It was too static a schedule to work with, as the amount of work for practicals fluctuates from week to week a little, and I don't want my drawings to either end up being rushed and shoddy or affecting my practical work.

Here's a few human figures I did this week. If you're wondering where I got the reference images from, there's a great little site called Artsy Poses that's recently started up. They've got a good number of photos on there, so if you're interested I'd highly recommend it.

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