Thursday, 3 November 2011

Animating At Last!

This week we've finally started animating our scene, so we've got about 3 weeks to get it done. First week of that  I spent blocking out to try and pin the scene down, although seeing as it's now Thursday I'm a little further than I would have been if I'd updated my blog on time. But to blazes with that, I'll just put stuff up whenever, once a week at least though. 

I'll stop beating about the bush now anyhow, here's my block.

There are some bits which are admittedly ropey, but those are largely in areas where I don't want to spend too long fixing keys that I'm going to rip out anyway to smooth my curves. My main concern is that he's maybe too energetic, but I'll see how it looks as I get further into my smoothing and maybe take some of the large poses out, or scale them down a bit. The teapot is sort of a placeholder at the minute, I'm hoping to put a guy in it if I get chance. If not, then I guess at least CG people won't be confused as to why there's a giant teapot

Another thing any game art/animation types might be interested in: the latest episode of Extra Credits: 
Nice and daunting. It's a good show as well if you're interested in the industry, they make some good points.

Also: some drawings again! 


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