Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wild Things

I've been working on a couple of creature animations, one for the bark basher, and one for the centaur. This is my only animation for the centaur, which is a shame, because its a cool model and a good rig. It is however, a very cool animation that I get to do. I've managed to snag the melee attack for the centaur. I had a few ideas about how to do it, whether it was hitting with the bow or punching etc. In the end I went for a rear up and kick, as it looks cool, gives him some height so it'll be clear in game, and makes use of the character design. At the minute I like it overall, but there's some thigh jerkiness, and the landing feels very odd. I need to restructure his land, and tighten up the lateral movement to make sure it all looks natural.

 I've also been working on the Bark Basher. My final animation for him is the heavy damage animation. Basically, when the player does enough damage he collapses to the floor so you can go around and hit the crystal on his back for massive damage. At the minute its very rough and snappy, and it looks quite robotic. The attempt to stand and fail was good fun, and I learned how to set up a noise controller in Maya, which was good fun. I'm going to simplify, slow it down and smooth it out, then go from there.

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