Friday, 1 February 2013

Genevieve's Games

As I'm currently waiting for models to rig, I'm getting started on a little bit of blocking out for the little girl. The character was an interesting one to animate. My initial impulse would be to animate her playfully, but the character in Echoes is supposed to be an almost immortal being, with an ambiguous past. The main focus of the character is the juxtaposition of these aspects, and the interplay of her mischievous demeanor and her sinister motivations. She leads the player into more and more dangerous situations, but also appears like a cute little child, so we want the player to be confused about how to view her.

The first clip is a simple wave from on top of a fountain. I'm not really too pleased with this one, I need to rebuild it to have more body motion and weight. I posted it here to show what I'll be working on, but its very early days idea blocking really.

The second clip is her playing on the ruins in the level. We wanted to get the girl interacting with the environment as much as possible, so this was a good way of achieving this. I quite like the animation overall, as its big enough to read well (the player will be relatively far off when they see it). The main problem is the occasional jerkiness and some unusual poses. I'll iron these out and finalize the animation in the coming weeks. For now though, I'll be leaving this to work on some other blocks.


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