Saturday, 5 January 2013

Unity! AI! Little Girl Monsters!

It turns out Unity is pretty fun, and I'm finding it much easier to work with than Unreal. That's probably because we're building our own stuff rather than trying to crowbar stuff into already existing frameworks. I've been building some AI with Playmaker. I've developed a couple that we'll be refining for the actual game. The dragon AI flits between trees then zips to the player and attacks. Its set up using a node system, so I'll just paste them to the trees once Ruth has built the environment. The centaur has a few ranges of aggro. There's idle range, then the range at which it attacks you from afar, then the range at which it charges, and finally the melee combat range. 

NOTE: The little girl is the only Unity ready model we have at the moment, due to the fact we've not started pre-production yet. Don't worry, she's fine. Stretchy limbs came in useful.

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