Friday, 8 March 2013

Animating the Bark basher

With the rigs now tested and in full use by the animation team, I can move on to the bulk of my own animation work. One of the coolest things about this is that I can play with some of the awesome characters and rigs produced by the rest of the team. I dived into the Bark Basher, as the rig was ready to go quickly, and the character was really fun. The primary challenge we are finding with this character is that we have to be very careful not to misjudge the weight of the shields on his arms. Its easy for all the animations to treat them slightly different, which will look very strange in-game.

The idle is very restrained, I didn't want him to move to fast or extreme because of his relative size. The sluggish movement helps to make him look big and heavy, though I may have to adjust the curves more to accentuate the effect.

This animation is part of the idle sequence, designed to be inserted at random intervals into the idle animation. The gist is supposed to be that the Bark Basher is angry and frustrated, and is slamming the ground, much like a gorilla would. I don't think that's coming across too well at the moment, so I might have to rethink how that works, and perhaps play up the 'roar' aspect.

The Bark Basher was rigged by Hollie Sheppard ( and modelled by Fen Evetts (

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