Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's a Blogstravaganza!

As I've not updated recently, I'm piling a fair bit on today. I decided to leave the dinosaur animation for now, and possibly go back to it later, as I really want to get chance to do some character animation before the end of summer. After scouring The Daily.wav for a nice clip, which wasn't too complex, I came across a nice piece from on of the X-men films (no idea which).

I won't spam my own page by separating the posts, so I'll just stick both the testers I have in this post. I'm currently just getting out of blocking, and tweaking and smoothing into the first bit. As you can see, the timing is still rough, and the speed of his motions is a little inconsistent. Hopefully I'll get that ironed out in the coming days and smooth out the rest of it. The facial animation is ok at the minute, but I'd like to fine tune it. The controls on the eyebrows and eyelids were broken on the file I downloaded (I should have checked before I animated), so I've had to strip out the controls and do them manually. Towards the end I'll probably either add morphs or animate a bend modifier on the eyebrows, as they're a little rigid.

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