Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Draw 100 Faces

Long time no post, but I've been a bit caught up with other stuff lately, so unfortunately I've been working slow. Anyway, I finally finished some drawing I've been working on, namely 100 drawing of faces (hence the title). Took me way longer than I expected, but I learned a lot, particularly about drawing masses rather than shapes. No shading, but frankly I'd have been there till the end of summer if I was shading them all.

The draw 100 idea is from Matt Kohr's excellent site over at Ctrl+Paint. I'm not much of a painter myself, but he gives out some helpful tips and advice, in a great simplified way.

I did them on paper, as my Photoshop sketching is somewhat... sketchy? Anyway its not that good is the point. On to some character animation next I hope.

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