Sunday, 16 December 2012

Death Cow

A brief interlude between now and finishing Major Project pre-production, part 2 of the specialist animation module. The first week of this module's been to do with scheduling and agile scrum development, and its had us refining the GDD for Echoes.

But now we've moved on to more practical aspects, and started scripting in Unity. We've also been using Playmaker, a visual scripting tool available on the asset store. I got on quite well with Playmaker, its essentially like working with pseudo-code. That said, when we actually dived into javascript I found I wasn't too thrown by it.

We decided the project would best slot into Echoes if we used it to make puzzles. Fortunately this also gave us a good scope for stuff to do in this module too. I used a mix of Playmaker and scripting, and came out with a few decent results.

The most complex was perhaps the psychic death cow. I scripted a small AI which wanders the environment till it sees you, then attacks. I'm mostly pleased because I got it not to walk into/through walls without using a node system. The lack of nodes does mean that it can't pathfind, just wander randomly till it gets lucky, but its workable as a relatively thick AI.

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